We provide advice, training and support


We provide advice and support to members of the Faculty of Family and Community Medicine at An Najah National University.

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We support the development of the family medicine residency curriculum and the development of the training centres.


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We deliver in-country, skills-based training programmes in leadership, training and supervision, and communication

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Our consultation skills courses are run in Arabic and English


We organise international study tours and senior delegate visits, giving our Palestinian colleagues insights into the system changes needed to deliver high quality family medicine.



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We provide technical advice and facilitate high level meetings and seminars with key stakeholders


We use Skype to hold regular meetings and discussions with colleagues


We run a programme of online tutorials for residents, delivered jointly by UK and Palestinian faculty members.

The residents join these innovative, interactive case-based sessions every month, helping them prepare for their new life as family physicians.

We are developing a highly innovative online Family Medicine Transitional Training Programme in collaboration with Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Low bandwidth requirements make it ideal for use at home as well as in a practice.

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It’s designed for doctors, nurses, midwives, and pharmacists and deals with all the key core aspects of the family practice approach.


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We run a programme of evaluation to enable us to understand whether we are achieving our goals